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    15th April 2023 Sophia Sohal

    The First-Time Buyers Guide

    5 Tips to Start Your Art Collection

    Our goal at The Art Buyer is to provide affordable art which is easily imagined in your home with a fun and friendly experience – a no fuss approach to buying art.

    The term ‘affordable’ is as subjective as art itself, and is a word not often associated with building your own collection of artworks. Despite preconceived notions of owning art as being exclusive and for those in the know, that is very much not the case. Buying art only requires an open mind and a confidence in your own instincts.

    Here at The Art Buyer we want to fill you with confidence in buying original art, so we have outlined our top-tips for first-time buyers on how to start collecting art.

    1. The art of escapism – find art you love

    When thinking of buying art for your home, the most important thing to consider is how the artwork makes you feel. Art can be an extension of you, a form of self-expression, so first and foremost you must love it. If this is something you find difficult to establish, The Art Buyer’s advice is to embrace the escapism art can bring.

    Try looking for landscapes that evoke happy memories or abstract paintings that you can get lost in. Find that escape that keeps you inspired and joyful with every look, or simply one that you can’t stop thinking about it. That’s a pretty good sign that you’ll love it for years to come.

    For the landscape lovers, The Art Buyer recommends the beautiful vistas of Bushy Park by contemporary local artist Jane Kell or the calming seascapes of Lizzie Butler. Or if abstract art is more to your preference, how about the joyful colour celebrations of Jane Wachman.

    Jane Kell, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Riverbank, Bushy Park by Jane Kell


    Lizzie Butler, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Memories of Summer by Lizzie Butler


    Jane Wachman The Art Buyer Gallery

    Mirage by Jane Wachman

    2. Enrich your space

    When building an art collection, think of the harmony between art and home. If you’re struggling to choose a style of art to suit your space, The Art Buyer recommends starting with the period and the personality of your home as an easy way to get thinking.

    The way you choose to decorate your home displays your personality and the art you choose can enhance this. Whether you’re a modern minimalist or a lover of colour, the art you choose should be harmonious with the space and enhance the feel of your home.

    At The Art Buyer both modernists and traditionalists are well covered. For abstract minimalists, Amanda Blunden is a perfect choice. For colourful maximalists, Jane Campling is excellent. And for the picturesque traditionalists, who better than David Scott Moore.

    Amanda Blunden, The Art Buyer Gallery
    Sea Scented by Amanda Blunden


    Jane Campling, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Stumble by Jane Campling


    David Scott Moore, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Winter Sun Reflected by David Scott Moore

    3. Think about scale

    At The Art Buyer we are proud to offer large affordable art to make a big impact on both your room and your collection. However, as a first-time buyer smaller scale artworks may be the solution for brightening up an under-appreciated space, whilst also delivering a confident and pleasing purchase. Discover original paintings under £750 or start your collection with a limited edition print.

    If looking for affordable small-scale original paintings that still pack a visual punch, a great place to start is with contemporary artists Mary Burtenshaw and Gill Edwards.

    Abstract landscape, Mary Burtenshaw, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Still Autumn by Mary Burtenshaw

    Little Green Jug, Gill Edwards, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Little Green Jug by Gill Edwards

    Alternatively a limited edition print is a wonderful way to inject a bit of life into your home without spending large. By framing and mounting a print you can also play around with scale, fitting the artwork to suit your own space.

    St Paul's, Will Clarke, The Art Buyer Gallery

    St Pauls Cathedral by Will Clarke

    Dorothy Hanna Umbra The Art Buyer Gallery

    Umbra by Dorothy Hanna

    4. Support emerging artists

    Buying the artworks of emerging artists is great place to start when a first-time buyer of art. Typically, the beginning of an artist’s career marks their most budget friendly period, providing not only a cost-effective way of buying art, but also crucial support for the artist. Also, when buying work from emerging artists there is the chance of a growth in value so it is perfect for buyers seeking an art investment. What’s not to like.

    Take a look at exciting artworks from the emerging artists found at The Art Buyer, such as Tara Leaver, Bess Harding, and Sherrie-Leigh Jones.

    Tara Leaver Painting The Art Buyer Gallery

    Sea Minor by Tara Leaver


    Bess Harding, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Happy Days by Bess Harding


    Sherrie-Leigh Jones_The Art Buyer Gallery

    River by Dawn (after Koho Shoda) by Sherrie-Leigh Jones 

    5. Trust your gut!

    Overall there is no wrong way to start buying art, just try not to overthink the decision. Look for art that feeds your soul, whether that’s a particular colour palette, artistic style, or medium. Finding artwork is as exciting as owning it, so enjoy the experience!


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