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    19th December 2023 Sophia Sohal

    The Art Buyer Winter Show

    45 exclusive new works of sculpture, photography and paintings


    The Art Buyer Gallery and Consultancy is delighted to introduce this year’s Winter Show. A collection of 45 new works by 15 artists, including celebrated photographer Gina Soden, sculptor Kate Henderson, and welcoming a selection of new artists alongside our existing roster of artists.


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    The Art Buyer is proud to present works tailored to differing styles, tastes, and budgets. We believe this show has something for everyone.


    The Lover of Landscapes

    In this year’s Winter Show there’s a selection of stunning abstract landscapes by contemporary painters, packed with atmospheric light. Featuring some of our most loved and established artists, including David Scott Moore, but also some new, for example the brilliant Emma Price.

    David Scott Moore The Art Buyer GalleryDavid Scott Moore, New Forest Last Light


    Emma Price, The Art Buyer GalleryEmma Price, Light Shard


    Both truly talented artists, their works are beautiful reflections on natural light and the stunning colours that can be found in the everyday landscape.

    A Modern Maximalist

    For those who love colour but want a contemporary, more abstract quality, look no further than Jane Campling and our latest contemporary artist, Helena Battye.

    Jane Campling, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Jane Campling, Rainstorm

    Helena Battye, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Helena Battye, Peace in Stillness


    Whether you’re looking for an exploration of colour, movement and energy, or an almost architectural masterpiece of structure, you’ll find art that will appeal.

    A Still-life Sensation

    Explore the beautiful works of two new artists at The Art Buyer Gallery. Local to our gallery, Stuart Baker seamlessly blends traditional subject matter with a modern minimalist twist, and talented artist Tracey Goldfinch Elson brings a stunning eye for realism to her works.

    Stuart Baker, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Stuart Baker, Figs

    Tracey Goldfinch Elson, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Tracey Elson Goldfinch, Cherries 


    The Bird Watcher

    What says winter more than a visit from every gardener’s best friend, the merry robin or a rare glimpse of a beautiful barn owl? If you’re buying for someone who loves birds, then new artist Becky Munting is certainly for you. Expertly painted, these simple yet striking golden artworks are sure to light up your room.

    Becky Munting, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Becky Munting, Perching Barn Owl

    Similarly, for those looking for the intricate quietness found in paintings of birds, but perhaps with a bit more colour, why not explore The Art Buyer’s established artist, Angela Smith and her stunning new artworks.

    Angela Smith, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Angela Smith, Secret Moon Garden (The Messengers)


    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    If perhaps you are looking for some realism, or you desire a true conversation starter to fill a social space, then acclaimed photographer Gina Soden is perfect for you.

    Gina Soden, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Gina Soden, Engrenage

    Gina Soden, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Gina Soden, Klinik

    Both compositionaly exceptional and full of meaning, Gina Soden’s photographic artworks are true storytellers. Exploring abandoned buildings around Italy, France and Germany, Gina’s photography tells a story of passing time whilst being a visual sensation.


    No More Wall Space!

    If you are an art lover who has banished their blank walls and has no space to display another masterpiece but is still itching for a new artwork, then why not fill your display shelves and cabinets instead! In this year’s Winter Show, The Art Buyer is thrilled to exhibit two new multidisciplinary artists, Kate Henderson and Lucia Fraser.

    Kate Henderson’s resin sculptures are brilliantly original, modern, and joyful. These brightly coloured jewels demand attention that you can help but touch.

    Kate Henderson, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Kate Henderson, Big Sur (Blush Pink)


    Lucia Fraser’s fully functional ceramic vases are a beautiful reflection on nature’s colour palette and forms, and are created from a desire to create useable art. Functional and beautiful, these vases are a true win-win and therefore a must buy.

    Lucia Fraser, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Lucia Fraser, Shoulder Vase in Crystallised Blue Slate


    Don’t Forget

    Here at The Art Buyer Gallery, we believe art is for everyone and we pride ourselves on offering a range of artworks at affordable prices. We therefore offer the Own Art Scheme – to make owning original art just that little bit more accessible!

    We also offer a ‘try before you buy’ scheme to our local customers, in case you need a little more help visualising a new artwork in your home! Pop into the gallery for more information.


    Available to visit and see all paintings in The Art Buyer Gallery now and you can view all works here.