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    12th March 2024 art-admin

    Introducing The Art Buyer Collective

    Surrey and London artists present an exhibition in April

    Renewal: an exhibition of vibrant, fresh and restorative artworks
    Exclusive new paintings and linocuts by 6 contemporary female artists

    The Art Buyer Collective is thrilled to announce its inaugural exhibition, “Renewal”,
    showcasing the works of 6 selected contemporary female artists. This vibrant
    exhibition will take place from 3rd – 14th April at The Art Buyer Gallery.
    With the imminent possibility of warmth and lighter days, the exhibition promises a
    diverse range of fresh and restorative artworks that all stem from the artists’
    responses to the natural world. Our invited artists explore the beauty and awe
    found in everyday life; from the play of light on a still life through to the raw beauty
    of rural landscapes.

    With curatorial input from The Art Buyer, the exhibition includes paintings and
    original linocuts created by 6 contemporary female artists from Surrey and London in the UK.
    We’re delighted to introduce Sarah Cox, Catherine McVean, Joanne Olney, Joanne
    Last, Claire Chandler and Diana Croft.

    Expect to see abstract and representational artworks infused with evocative
    colours, dancing light and energetic brush strokes, embracing the joyous arrival of
    Spring. Let’s introduce you to the six selected female artists:

    Catherine McVean The Art Buyer

    Lemons on Blue by Catherine McVean

    Catherine McVean
    Catherine is a professional artist best known for her still life oil paintings which she
    describes as quiet celebrations of everyday life. Living overseas highlighted how
    important the seasons are to her and how far our sense of time and place is defined
    by the seasonal changes around us. Catherine loves the anticipation of each
    season, the changing light and transient nature of the fresh produce and plants
    available at that time. Catherine’s still life paintings celebrate that transience and
    those small moments of beauty found in daily life.
    Having painted throughout her life, in 2019 she started painting professionally and
    in 2021 started painting with oils. Catherine was captivated by the rich colours and
    slow drying time and oils are now her passion and focus. Catherine is primarily selftaught, but has taken a number of short courses at Heatherleys, London Art College
    and Central St Martins.
    Catherine started her career as a strategy and business consultant working in London, Brussels and Oman. Over the past 10 years, Catherine has lived in the UK, Oman and New Zealand but moved back to the UK in 2020 and now paints full
    time from her studio in Ascot. Catherine McVean www.catherinemcvean.com Instagram @catherinemcveanart


    Sarah Cox The Art Buyer

    St Just Cornwall by Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox
    Sarah Cox is a contemporary semi-abstract artist living in Guildford, Surrey.
    She works from her garden studio creating landscape and coastal paintings in
    acrylic and spray paint on canvas.
    Sarah responds intuitively to each of the landscapes that she has walked, seeking
    to capture the elemental nature and energy of a place rather than to record a literal
    As a colourist, she enjoys capturing the rhythms of seasonal change.
    Sarah’s paintings are bursting with energy. Expect to see gestural mark-making,
    dripping paint and built up layers of paint which have been scraped back of time.
    Sarah studied Fine Art and gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Manchester. She then
    went on to undertake a PGCE Secondary Art Education at Westminster College,
    University of Oxford.
    Sarah says ‘As a secondary school art teacher, I work with some incredible young
    people who share my passion. This helps me to keep my own work vibrant and
    Sarah Cox www.sjcoxart.co.uk Instagram @sjcoxart.co.uk


    Joanne Last Artist The Art Buyer Gallery

    The Light Shifts by Joanne Last

    Joanne Last
    Joanne was born in Surrey and has lived in and around London all her life. She
    originally trained as a classical pianist, but coming from a family of artists has
    pursued both disciplines throughout her career. She exhibits widely in the UK and
    has undertaken numerous public space commissions around the world. Working
    intuitively and experimentally – Joanne’s work takes on many forms – abstract,
    urban, coastal, and this latest series of paintings sees a reignited passion for
    The driving force of all her work is in the process – she works fast and freely,
    layering paint, building texture, finding colour surprises, and creating a rich
    satisfying surface from many iterations to arrive at a point of completion. The
    constant reinvention and boldness, the willingness to risk and always strive for
    difference, makes for paintings that are both energising and calm.
    Joanne Last www.joannelast.co.uk Instagram @joannelast


    Diana Croft The Art Buyer

    Japanese Garden by Diana Croft

    Diana Croft
    Diana Croft is a printmaker, painter and stained glass artist based in Dorking.
    She originally trained in illustration at Brighton University in the 1980’s and
    then worked in London, teaching printmaking and editioning complicated
    multi-plate etchings and collagraphs for the printmaker Brenda Hartill.
    She moved to Dorking just before the millennium returning to a life in the
    country – she grew up in Whitstable overlooking farmland.
    She draws much of her inspiration from the local environment of the Surrey
    Hills and the South Downs and has produced a series of stylised linocuts
    based on this distinctive landscape.
    A love of travel has also influenced her work particularly in her use of strong,
    vibrant colour.
    In 2015 and 2019 she was shortlisted for the Surrey Artist of the Year and in
    2018 she was delighted to have a solo exhibition at the Watts Contemporary
    She is a long time member of the Greenwich Printmakers co-operative and a
    co-ordinator for the Surrey Artists Open Studios scheme which she has
    participated in ever since it started.Diana Croft www.dianacroftart.com
    Instagram @dianacroftart


    Jo Olney Artist The Art Buyer

    Renewal by Jo Olney

    Joanne Olney
    Joanne Olney, a British media artist based in the Surrey Hills, initially pursued an
    art foundation course at Goldsmith’s University in London but later transitioned to
    train as an Occupational Therapist. Throughout her therapeutic career, she
    maintained a strong interest in creativity, participating in various educational
    pursuits such as City & Guilds courses in textiles and professional photography.
    It wasn’t until her retirement in 2018 that Joanne had the opportunity to explore
    painting and, more recently, experimental printmaking. Her artistic style is delicate
    and semi-impressionistic, currently focused on examining the intricate balance of
    life cycles. Joanne’s work often delves into contemplative themes, touching on
    reflections on impermanence and considerations of legacy.
    Joanne Olney
    Instagram @joanneolneyart




    Claire Chandler artist The Art Buyer

    Bloom by Claire Chandler


    Claire Chandler

    Claire Chandler is an abstract painter, living in Carshalton Surrey. She explores the
    connection between nature and a sense of place. She spent much of her childhood
    living abroad, which later developed into a love of travel and experiencing new
    places. Claire studied at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, graduating with
    a BA(Hons) Fine Art in 1997.
    Her paintings start with charcoal drawings made on location, in response to the
    landscape. Elements from these drawings are then pared back, simplified and
    worked into with layers of colour emerging as abstract paintings made with energy
    and emotion.
    Claire has exhibited in London, Paris & New York and has paintings in permanent
    collections around the world.
    Claire Chandler
    Instagram @clairechandlerart





    The exhibition will be open between 10am and 4pm from Wednesday 3rd April until
    Sunday 14th April. Monday 8th April by appointment only.