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    20th January 2021 art-admin

    Refresh Your Home With Art

    Gallery wall tips and growing your art collection

    After a tricky year, January is pegged as a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Yet here we are, staring at our blank walls once more. At The Art Buyer gallery we’re big believers in the power of art (with a sprinkle of imagination) to transport you to warmer, brighter or simply other places.

    • If you’re a seasoned collector, we advocate a re-hang every few months. Don’t forget to carefully dust the top of your picture frames as you go! Simply taking your art down and eye-balling the blank wall with fresh eyes, might inspire you to switch your art around. When re-hanging your art, it’s wise to try new placements out temporarily and living with it for a few days to check you’re happy before getting the spirit level and drill out.


    • If you have the space you could experiment with a gallery wall hang. There really are no set rules to designing a gallery wall, but if you’re looking for a neat unified look then try matching the colour of all the frames. Start with a central work and hang reasonably close together, fanning outwards. We’re more into the ad hoc, eclectic gallery wall ~ looser rules allow more freedom. We love how Alexandra Stedman has included posters, photos and even a mirror in her gallery wall design: read here. Before banging any nails in, try lying all your artwork out on the floor first and playing with the order. We recommend using a spirit level to ensure a level, symmetrical hang.


    • Framing a collection of something you treasure can be a cost effective way of re-vamping a space. Perhaps you’ve amassed a collection of postcards, beer mats or memorable tickets? Ikea offers a multitude of affordable framing options. Or for a more valuable collection, work with an expert framer who can build a custom frame.


    • Start or add to your art collection. When choosing art you can be lead by a number of different factors, such as complimenting a room colour scheme, but we’d always recommend you buy with your heart first and if it happens to perfectly suit your room then bonus! If you get the tingly feeling, or just can’t stop thinking about a piece of art, it’s a good sign that you’re meant to be together. This approach allows longevity too. Your style, taste and preferences may evolve over the years,  but if you felt some form of connection to a piece of art than you’re likely to always feel fondly towards it.

    For some inspiration, here are our picks for January…

    Side by Side_Sophie Harding_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Side by Side by Sophie Harding


    Skies at Dusk I_Jane Wachman_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Skies at Dusk I by Jane Wachman

    Moving Skies In Spring _David Scott Moore_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Moving Skies In Spring by David Scott Moore

    Georgia Elliott-Abstract Print- Untold

    Untold (Print) by Georgia Elliott


    The Sun Used To Shine by David Storey