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    Late Summer Stillness by Susan Laughton

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    Susan Laughton’s ‘Late Summer Stillness’ employs a muted natural colour palette, on a carefully textured surface to achieve a perfect hazy study of a treeline.

    Susan Laughton’s paintings  evolve from half-remembered glimpses seen from the corner of the eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography, the dislocated reverie of long car journeys, or from more studied compositions. With a background in architecture, Susan’s work features tell-tale marks of order and structure, while bathed in a serene stillness.

    ‘Late Summer Stillness’ by Susan Laughton, doesn’t require framing and is ready to hang.

    View close up details of Susan Laughton’s art in the gallery images.

    Scroll down to view ‘Late Summer Stillness’ in situ.

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    Weight 9 kg
    Dimensions 92 × 92 × 6 cm

    Late Summer Stillness In Situ

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