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    Falls At Dusk by Sherrie-Leigh Jones

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    Hand finished screenprint with graphite powder and ink on 300gsm Somerset White Satin paper with a deckled edge

    Variable edition of 20

    Signed and numbered on the front

    Paper size 38.5 x 28.5 cm Image size 29 x 20 cm


    Inspired by nature, travel and traditional Japanese and Chinese landscape paintings, prints, and in particular, Sansuiga (Japan) or Shanshui (China); paintings which depict an idealised landscape, primarily using the forms of mountains, rivers, clouds and mist.

    A contemporary mountain art print on Somerset White Satin paper, hand pulled by the artist Sherrie-Leigh Jones in her Brighton printmaking studio.

    This artwork was created by assembling a digital collage, made up of many layers of photographs taken on travels, before being taken into the print studio. The image was printed on a transparency and a mesh screen was coated in a light sensitive emulsion, which was left to dry in a dark room. When dry, the image was exposed onto the screen using UV light, with the black parts of the image blocking out the light, meaning that the emulsion didn’t harden on the darker parts of the image. The screen was then washed to remove any unexposed emulsion, leaving the image on the screen to be printed. Ink and graphite powder were mixed with printing medium and a squeegee was hand pulled to push the ink through the mesh on the areas of the exposed image, onto paper to create a screenprint. The print was then hand finished with graphite powder.

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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 42 × 5 × 32 cm

    Falls At Dusk In Situ

    This is a representation and not to scale

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