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    9th December 2023 Sophia Sohal

    Photography as an Art Form

    Adding photographic artworks to your art collection

    When considering adding photography to your art collection there are so many factors to consider. It can be a daunting decision selecting fine photographic art. The Art Buyer was delighted to be asked by Mansion House Global for our thoughts on selecting fine art photography for your interiors.

    Fine art photography is a brilliant choice for any level of art collector, providing a wide range of styles, genres, and topics – ranging from ultra-modern to inspired by traditional art practices.

    Compared to other forms of visual art, photography often presents a more affordable entry point for art collectors. It is a form of art imbued with storytelling, with many new and exciting contemporary artists in the field. So where to begin looking for photography you like, and how do you incorporate it into your home?


    1. Find your style or styles!


    The possibilities of photographic subject matter are quite literally endless, and as such can be a bit daunting to narrow down. Our advice? Don’t narrow to a particular theme or subject matter, just go by feeling!

    One of the most captivating aspects of photography as an art form is its incredible diversity, from classic monochromatic compositions to vibrant, contemporary expressions. This variety allows you to curate a collection that speaks to your individual tastes and preferences.

    There are no rules to art collecting and artistic expression – particularly when it comes to photographs. They merge seamlessly with other forms of artistic media, as well as contrasting themes or subject matters. So have fun, you can have as much conventionality or eccentricity as suits you!

    Here at The Art Buyer, we have excellent options for both the modern minimalist and the traditionalist devotee. See Kevin Dutton’s classic floral still-lives with a modern twist and Gina Soden’s poetic photographs of abandoned interiors.


    Kevin Dutton, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Kevin Dutton, Convallaria 2

    Manicomio de Scala -Gina Soden-The Art Buyer Gallery

    Gina Soden, Manicomio Scala

    2. Embrace the story!


    Photography has a unique ability to tell powerful stories through visual narratives. Each photograph captures a moment frozen in time, inviting viewers to connect with the emotions, culture, and experiences encapsulated within the frame. Investing in photography means acquiring not just an image but a compelling story and conversation starter.

    Inspired by classical floral paintings and historical botanical illustration, Kevin Dutton’s photographic studies of plants and flowers serve to explore and celebrate the conventions of art history. They are also imbued with a personal touch, with all the plants and flowers grown in Kevin’s very own garden and allotment in South London.

    Gina Soden’s photographic artworks really are a true documentation of adventure. With a fascination for architecture and a nostalgia for passing time, Gina’s European photographs are far from the usual tourist snaps. Exploring (and often trespassing) hospitals, schools, asylums, or abandoned houses, Gina’s photography tells a story of abandonment and forgotten history. A poetic narrative runs through her works, providing these neglected places with a beauty they have often long lost, and an audience long gone.

    The storytelling is not however, just in the image, but also in the taking of it. A significant portion of Gina’s work is dedicated to seeking out dilapidated locations, searching through newspapers and exploring Google Earth. Many of these places are off-limits or remote, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the task. The deteriorating condition of these sites further complicates photo shoots and occasionally poses genuine dangers, challenging the artist’s courage and ingenuity with each captured image!


    Kevin Dutton, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Kevin Dutton, Mixed Helleborus I

    Gina Soden, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Gina Soden, Effetto Serra

    3. Make a statement!


    Due to the inherent realism and familiarity present in photography, photographic artworks often draw the eye immediately, and quickly become a focal point of a room. As such, they make fantastic additions to social spaces. Full of meaning and energy with diverse styles and affordability make it an attractive choice for both seasoned collectors and those looking to embark on their art journey!

    Kevin Dutton, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Kevin Dutton, Tulipa 2

    Gina Soden, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Gina Soden, Isolamento


    See also The Art Buyer’s founder Helen, talk about the appeal and impact of adding photography to your art collection here at Mansion Global:



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