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    18th March 2023 Sophia Sohal

    Home Is Where The Art Is

    Your room by room guide to choosing and hanging art for your home

    Hanging original artworks in our homes can benefit us in so many different ways, from providing thought-provoking conversation to allowing us to escape into the sea breezes of Cornwall whilst sitting in our London living rooms.

    However, finding the right piece for the right space can be an art itself. That is why The Art Buyer has produced a guide to your home, showing where and which works of art can really brighten up and give life to your spaces.


    Home Entrance

    Often forgotten about, our entrance spaces are the first thing that we see upon entering our homes, therefore they should also be a space that you immediately love. Welcoming you (and your guests), hallways provide a blank canvas to express your personality.

    Dependent on the light and size of your entrance, there are many different options to bring the ‘wow’ factor. If you have a large and bright entrance why not display an eye-catching large artwork such as Picnic at Logan Rock by Amanda Blunden. If your hall is long and narrow, how about a collection of smaller works? Such as Tara Leaver’s beautiful abstract seascapes, or David Storey’s whimsical portrait The Listener?

    Amanda Blunden, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Picnic at Logan Rock by Amanda Blunden

    Tara Leaver, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Sun Glow by Tara Leaver

    David Storey, The Art Buyer Gallery

    The Listener by David Storey


    Generally the most used area of a family home but often with hard surfaces and a sterile feel, kitchens provide an excellent space to inject a little colour and texture. With open plan living an ever-increasing trend, kitchens are no longer used only for cooking, but as warming social spaces.

    A still life painting is a sure way to succeed in bringing art into your kitchen space. Depicting the true essence of the familiar and the comforting, why not feed your soul with a brilliant artwork from Maria Fletcher of MotherDaughterCreate, or if your style is more bright and graphic, perhaps a Sophie Harding?

    Maria Fletcher, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Figs, Apples & Honesty by Maria Fletcher of MotherDaughterCreate

    Peas, Sophie Harding, The Art Buyer Gallery

    A Bowl of Peas by Sophie Harding

    Fish Still Life Painting_Sophie Harding_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Two Fish on Blue Stripes by Sophie Harding


    Whether you have a large bathroom with lots of natural light, or an under-the-stairs loo with no windows, bathrooms should never be ignored as spaces to include and enjoy art. Give a thought to the practicalities. If there’s a lot of moisture in the air in a shower room for example, you may want to consider a water tight framed print, as opposed to an open painting on paper. Whether you’re after a vibrant eye-catcher such as Dorothy Hanna’s Caelum, or a calming escape such as Sherrie-Leigh Jones’s River by Moonlight, we think the WC/cloakroom can be the perfect space to be playful with your art.

    Caelum_Dorothy Hanna_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Caelum by Dorothy Hanna

    Sherrie-Leigh Jones_The Art Gallery

    River by Moonlight (After Koho Shoda) by Sherrie-Leigh Jones

    Living Room

    The joy that art brings is hardly a great secret, but what is often unacknowledged is the sociability that art provides. Your choice of art could prove to be a perfect conversation starter. Create a welcoming sociable space for discussion and coming together. Original art is perfectly at home in the relaxing atmosphere of the living room. Large scale landscapes and seascapes can strike the perfect balance of being engaging and enjoyable but not too challenging to gaze on. If your preferences lie on the more contemporary side, Lizzie Butler and Mary Burtenshaw are both wonderful choices. If you are a lover of more traditional landscapes, then David Scott Moore is perfect for you.

    Lizzie Butler, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Waves at Dawn by Lizzie Butler

    Dawn Breeze_Mary Burtenshaw_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Dawn Breeze by Mary Burtenshaw

    Painting of South Downs_David Scott Moore_The Art Buyer Gallery

    Wild Brooks Looking Towards South Downs by David Scott Moore

    Home Office

    Studies have shown the transformative effect that art can have on the productivity and creativity of its viewers in workplace environments. No longer do offices have to be blank walls devoid of personality. Instead create a zone of not just work, but joy – it’s a win-win and will brighten up your online meetings. For artworks that are perennially pleasing, we suggest the stunning still life’s of Bess Harding, or the hauntingly beautiful light reflection studies of Hannah Davies.

    Bess Harding, The Art Buyer Gallery

    To Prosper by Bess Harding

    Bess Harding, The Art Buyer Gallery

    A Line Up by Bess Harding

    Hannah Davies, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Quiet Glow by Hannah Davies


    Our bedrooms should be a haven of bliss and relaxation. When looking to create this space of serenity, art can be a useful tool. Look to Maggie Cochran’s tranquil seascapes, Amy Albright’s soothing abstracts, or the calming colour palettes of Susan Laughton to inject peace into your boudoir to relax from the busy buzz of life.

    The Ocean Calls by Maggie Cochran

    Amy Albright, The Art Buyer Gallery

    Geothermal Unrest by Amy Albright

    Susan Laughton, Art Buyer Gallery

    Solitude by Susan Laughton


    The love of art is not something possessed just by adults. Create a sense of wonder and learning in your children’s bedroom by displaying art. Invest in art that will grow with them. When finding art for your nursery smaller unframed works such as Mariella Baldwin’s and David Storey’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto (Allonby). Bright and happy prints also work beautifully.

    David Storey, The Art Buyer Gallery

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto (Allonby) by David Storey

    Sophie Harding, Art Buyer Gallery

    Delicate Flower by Sophie Harding

    Mariella Baldwin, Art Buyer Gallery

    Two Snowdrops by Mariella Baldwin