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    Sophie Harding

    Sophie graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1992 with
    a BA(Hons)in Fashion and Textile Design. After college
    she proceeded to work full time as a painter, illustrator
    and textile designer creating images for cards, gift
    wraps, homewares, magazine and book illustrations both
    for the UK and worldwide. Her paintings have been shown
    and sold in galleries around the U.K. since 1988.
    Sophie, who lives in Cornwall, and also produces collagraph, drypoint and monotype prints in addition to her more colour driven paintings.
    Sophie’s work is focused on simplicity, joy and harmony.
    She captures small moments in life by painting or
    printing the essence of a scene or group of objects. Her
    paintings are primarily driven by colour and it’s
    interaction to clash, sing or glow with an emphasis on
    the power colour has to evoke positive emotions.

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