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    Marie Lenclos

    Marie Lenclos is a London-based French painter. Lenclos started painting at thirteen and painted regularly through her twenties. Marie then went on to work as a filmmaker and stopped painting for twenty years. In 2015, after a summer in Brittany playing around with her old oil paints, she started painting again. She is now a successful artist, painting in her Brixton studio every day.

    In 2019 Marie was shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and the London Contemporary Art Prize.

    Marie’s work is centred around three main areas: streetscapes, trees and geometric abstracts, all have in common her unique sense of light, lines and colour.

    Of Marie’s trees, painted on holidays in Brittany, she says: “My dad is also a painter. In his attic studio in Brittany, he lets me have a tiny window in a corner. The view from there is those majestic pine trees, which I paint repeatedly when I’m on holiday, whether it’s in the Summer, Spring or Winter. I like the repetition of the exercise, as their beautiful lines, shapes and colours are hard to capture and always exciting to observe.”

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