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    Tara Leaver

    Originally from London, Tara Leaver is an abstract landscape artist living by the sea in Cornwall. After gaining a Foundation Diploma in London in her early twenties, the art took a back seat to travel and work, including several years teaching Montessori and running an ethical products business. In 2008, she returned to art, resuming her studies along with her regular painting practice, and began teaching online in 2013. Her paintings on wood panel and canvas express her sensory experiences of wild swimming and coastal exploring, reflecting a deep love for full body immersion in the natural world.

    Tara’s work has been shown in galleries in Sussex, the Cotswolds and Cornwall, and is owned by private collectors around the world.

    “I’m happiest near – or preferably in – the sea. I immerse myself in the multi-sensory experience of it, taking photos above and below the surface, looking and feeling into the abundance of life and movement amongst the waves. In the studio, liquid, dynamic paint layers of varying consistencies are combined with fleeting, but more carefully drawn, or carved, glimpses of recognisable elements of aquatic life. I work until every piece expresses what feels like a truth about the pleasures and surprises of immersion in wild water.”

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