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    Laura Wade

    Laura Wade is an Irish artist living and working from her home studio in Leap, West Cork. Like many artists, she was very drawn to the West Cork area and made the move to Leap in 2016. Since then, the beautiful region has profoundly inspired and shaped her creative process.

    Laura studied Fine Art specialising in Printmaking at GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts and Media in Galway graduating with a First Class Honours and an academic achievement award in 2014. She decided to move back home to Cork after receiving an emerging artist 12-month bursary award with Cork Printmakers.

    Although her approach to making has shifted, preferring to render her images directly onto paper, her printmaking background has influenced how she creates. Currently, Laura works in the medium of ink wash and brush on paper while sometimes incorporating other media such as graphite, charcoal and watercolour. Laura carefully selects materials that allow her to work in quick and intuitive way, responding to each mark made.

    A sense of mystery and wonder are common threads running throughout her work. Intrigued by the lands enigmatic elements, Laura constantly takes her inspiration from her environment; from dark silhouettes of woodlands to the minute delicate details of its living beings. The artist uses her monochromatic palette to suggest the importance of balance and tuning into our natural rhythms. She draws on folklore and symbology to unfurl a narrative. Throughout her works, Laura conjures curiosity and allows the viewer to contemplate their own connection to nature.

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