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    Kevin Dutton

    Kevin is an artist who takes photographs of the plants he grows at his allotment and garden at home in South London. Inspired by the ever-changing beauty in nature, the plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and weeds are chosen at different times in the calendar and photographed individually or in group compositions. Limited edition prints are produced using high-resolution camera equipment and state-of-the-art printing.

    A professional photographer for 30 years, Kevin has worked in the UK and abroad for a variety of editorial, design and publishing clients including The Sunday Times, BBC, HarperCollins and The RHS. Kevin continues to work with a number of creative clients, shooting architecture, artwork, sculpture, antiques, gardens and plants. His images reference two areas of botanical art: still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and botanical illustration techniques. His work is an exploration of these historical forms of art and their relationship with contemporary informal gardening conventions.

    Kevin’s work is exhibited and collected internationally. He also teaches photography, leading botanical photography courses, most recently at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Last year he was awarded a gold medal at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show for his series ‘Hellebores’.

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