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    Julia Rowlands

    Julia Rowlands was born in Essex. Studied at Falmouth Art College and achieved an MA Art in Architecture in 1996. She returned to live in Cornwall in 2015 producing a sell out show of the local boatyards. She now lives in Cornwall with her family.

    “We all see colour differently and colour effects us all, it alters our experience, a place where positive ideas can flourish. When I teach colour I am completely swept away with how well we all respond to colour and excited by the shared experience of it”.
    Julia Rowlands established a successful international career in Munich from 1996 where she lived for 10 years exhibiting at solo and group shows. She collaborated on architectural construction projects, appointed private and public fine art commissions, portraits and landscape, led fine art holidays in the Appenine Mountains and taught creative courses at the Volkhochschule, Munich.
    Much of her work is in private and public collections in Europe and she was awarded when returning from Europe, ‘Best Painting’ at The Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair. CAV OMRI Romeo Di Girolamo PPRBA chaired the Judges.
    Since then she has taught the ‘Expressive use of colour’ for The National Trust and NHS, local colleges and tutored professional artists.

    “Since my early career in 1997, oil pastels and oil bars have for me functioned both as a drawing and painting tool. Incredibly bright and intense quality pigments launch each body of work ahead of the subject.
    A large proportion of my work begins with Magenta (cerise pink), a colour inspired from collaborative projects with architects that involved analysis of the effects of colour in an everyday setting. In particular, we worked on a social housing project informing the effects colour plays in our life. For example, it revealed that theoretically Magenta is the last colour the human eye is able to see as daylight diminishes. That means an image created with this colour gradually changes over the course of a day depending on the light.”

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