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    Ellie Caeti

    Ellie is a London based artist and interior designer, who’s playful landscapes lie somewhere between Abstract and Impressionism.

    The juxtaposition between classical techniques and contemporary colour palettes results in uplifting oil paintings, with plenty of movement and energy.

    Inspiration is taken from her travels and her paintings take us from Guernsey to Sicily, where she has spent much of her time.

    “I enjoy capturing light at different times of the day and in different parts of the world. Colour changes dramatically depending on location, and I often seek to use just two to three colours which I have seen working in harmony in nature and go from there. I spend a lot of time preparing colours before a painting even begins.

    As a designer, I enjoy creating work which is authentic and interesting. Whilst some palettes are unusual, it is important that they sit comfortably within an interior setting.”

    Featured in House and Garden, Ellie’s work has sold internationally.

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