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    Clare Palmer

    London-based Clare Palmer’s first career was in advertising – working in London advertising agencies for a decade – before realising that her true passion of ceramics needed to take centre stage.

    She graduated from the City Lit Ceramics Diploma and her work has been exhibited in galleries and at shows, including being shortlisted for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition with three of her pieces.

    Her work explores the contradiction between the veneers of order and control we show to the world and the private realities that lie hidden beneath the surface. Several aesthetics co-exist in her work: clean, controlled curves; rawness and brokenness; and organic, fluid forms. The juxtaposition between these is at times abrupt, at times subtle – reflecting the subject matter of the piece.

    There are two strands to her work: sculptural vessels made from thrown forms which are cut, join and distorted; and hand-built, wall-hung and table-top sculptures constructed from textured slabs. Working in stoneware and porcelain clays, her body of glazes is enhanced by the incorporation of engobes and oxides to create subtle variations of tone and colour.

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