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    Anna Macdonald

    Anna Macdonald is a contemporary Minimalist Abstract Artist living in London. She works in water-based media on paper, canvas and wood.

    Anna’s work delves into the importance of negative space and the Zen philosophy of “Ma” – the concept of the space in-between elements. Her paintings and drawings incorporate Japanese ‘Shibumi’ principles; characterised by a focus on the essential and a rejection of excess and flamboyance, ultimately creating works of unobtrusive beauty.

    Beginning with tangible elements from nature, after careful observation Anna strips away all but the non-essential, working with gestural marks and colour to capture the essence of the subject. The purpose of this is to encourage the observer to slow down and appreciate the tranquillity of the work.

    Anna returned to her painting practice in 2017 and has been teaching Art in secondary education since 2004.

    Anna Macdonald

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    • Le Bois Plage XII

        by Anna Macdonald

      • Acrylic, watercolour and graphite on paper,
      • Framed,
      • (Framed: 88cm x 65cm)
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