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    About The Art Buyer

    Why The Art Buyer?

    The Art Buyer’s mission is simple: to banish blank walls and fill our homes with beautiful art. We know that buying art can be daunting for many people and it’s often difficult to even know where to start. We also know that many artists making amazing and affordable art often struggle to find the right audience. We’re here to help.

    How The Art Buyer works?

    We scour degree shows, exhibitions and fairs and work collaboratively with emerging and established artists across the UK. We unearth exciting and accessible art that we want you to live with, and love, for a lifetime. We help new buyers explore their likes and interests and advise on what works in the space they wish to fill. We create powerful connections and lasting relationships, providing opportunities for collectors to “meet the maker” – whether virtually or in person – and to know more about the artists they love and the inspiration behind their work.

    Your personal Art Buyer 

    Whether it’s browsing our virtual art gallery, accessing our behind the scenes artists tours, visiting art fairs or other buying experiences, learning more about our artists through our inspiring content or contacting us for un-intimidating consultancy advice, the Art Buyer is here to guide your journey into the art world every step of the way.

    Meet our Founder: Helen Armon-Jones

    Meet The Art Buyer

    Founder Helen has spent a lifetime in love with art – and is passionate about helping others discover a love for it too. Having studied Art History at Manchester University, she pursued a career in commercial marketing (including managing art sponsorship for Hiscox Insurance, where she worked with The Whitechapel and Serpentine galleries) and went on to develop her knowledge at Sotheby’s and working in galleries in London and Surrey. Helen now revels in travelling the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland discovering the most interesting and inspiring artists at work today.

    But it’s the annual visits to the RA Summer Exhibition looking for new artists to follow and new pieces to buy with her wonderful late father, now continuing the tradition with her mother and sister, that have had the biggest impact on her lifelong love affair with art. For Helen, art is deeply rooted in the power of memories, it spans generations, sparks conversations and she simply could not be without it. Bringing art to life, discovering it, treasuring it, understanding it is in The Art Buyer’s DNA.

    The Art Buyer Mission

    Helen founded The Art Buyer: to bring the same joy to others’ lives. Through her open and engaging style, combined with her professional expertise, Helen has built up personal relationships with some of the most exciting artists working in the UK today. We connect artists and their work with buyers who trust our honest, friendly advice and the insight we use to source the best individual pieces for you, whatever the budget or brief.

    Contact The Art Buyer

    So, whether you’re an established collector or a first-time buyer, Helen will demystify the buying process, connect you with the works that work for you – and banish those blank walls forever. Get in touch at  info@theartbuyer.co.uk