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    Presents ‘Renewal’

    An exhibition of original art by 6 British female artists, The Art Buyer Gallery welcomes: Joanne Last, Claire Chandler, Joanne Olney, Sarah J Cox, Catherine McVean and Diana Croft.

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    The Art Buyer

    The Art Buyer is here to banish blank walls by introducing you to extraordinary artists and working with you to find your perfect piece. Whether you’re an established art collector or a first-time buyer, The Art Buyer’s mission is to help you find art that’s made for you. Browse our online gallery, tap into our friendly art consultancy advice and visit our new Surrey art gallery and consultancy space in Thames Ditton.

    The Joy of Colour

    11th May ~ 29th June 2024

    The Art Buyer gallery is celebrating life in colour in the upcoming Summer Show in Thames Ditton near Hampton Court Palace and the River Thames. Discover vibrant prints, bold photography and brilliant original paintings.

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    • New

      Let’s Go This Way

        by Madeleine Tapp

      • Oil on Canvas,
      • Framed,
      • (Framed: 100cm x 100cm)
      £1,375.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Wood Aven

        by Emma Chambers

      • Oil on gesso on wood,
      • Framed,
      • (Framed: 34cm x 44cm)
      £550.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Magnolia Diptych

        by Mariella Baldwin

      • Casein on distressed gold Dutch metal leaf,
      • Unframed,
      • 50cm x 20cm
      £850.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Gaudy Jug and Spring Flowers

        by Andrea Curtis

      • Collage on paper,
      • Framed,
      • (Framed: 59cm x 74cm)
      £795.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Mares a Fils

        by Ellie Caeti

      • Oil on Canvas,
      • Framed,
      • (Framed: 60cm x 60cm)
      £725.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Courtyard Flowers and Foliage

        by Sophie Harding

      • Acrylic on Canvas,
      • Framed,
      • 28cm x 35cm
      • (Framed: 35cm x 39cm)
      £775.00 Buy Now
    • New

      Misty Anemones

        by Diana Forbes

      • Oil, oil pastel on calico over canvas,
      • Unframed,
      • 100cm x 100cm
      £2,100.00 Buy Now
    • New

      I Believe You Can

        by Laura Pedley

      • Acrylic on wood panel,
      • Framed,
      • 100cm x 70cm
      • (Framed: 102.5cm x 72.5cm)
      £1,600.00 Buy Now

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